Share with us - Feedback on Practice Mode

Hey there, Learners!

You have have noticed some changes to your dashboard - as you’ve requested - you can now see Practice Mode right on your dashboard! Simply click the icon and choose the practice you’d like to start with. This feature is in early preview right now, and as we work to make it better, we’d love to get your feedback.

Please reply below :point_down: to tell us more about:

  • Practice Mode in the dashboard
  • Practice Mode content
  • Features you want in Practice Mode

I would like more practice with intermediate SQL/building complex queries and working with the data visualization libraries.

I have to admit I’ve been working with SQL databases for 10 years before taking a career break and I’ve never worked with queries as complex as the ones you have here on Dataquest.


This is amazing because it has been hard finding practice outside of here. I have been using codewars and datacamp.


Thank you for this good idea, my advice is that, “see the answer” option is not good, for example I am trying to find solution but If I spend little time without solving I can look answer, this is reflex,


overall practice section is a good idea - and dont include those coding interview questions, acm icpc style! if you do it - you will pretty much create yet another online judge.
and there are many of them already…

the practice problems are there just to keep the coding skills fresh , not test algo skills,

keep dataquest data science-focused!
thx u


a good initiative, indeed! that way we’ll be able to revise our concepts practically! thanks a lot @dataquest team. However, i have few suggestions below that may be good to consider:

  • adding point score board in the Practice Mode tab (i.e. scores will increase upon successfully completing each part of the problems

  • one may be able to opt to look for hint/answer after surrendering his/her scores (specific number of scores, for e.g.), that way one would feel motivated to complete the problems without any help (hint/answer)

  • adding hyperlink in each area that will lead the doer to the relevant learning section for the detailed understanding of the concept

P.S. above is just my opinion!

Thanks once again. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


This is just awesome feature to go back and practice what you have learned so far, one improvement can be done is to remove hints given in the practice problem that way we can assess our real understanding of the topics.



I don’t know if it’s just me but in the Practice Mode, when I finish a mission, the “Updating Your Progress…” message keeps running forever, contrarily to what usually happens on the path missions. :thinking:

Other than that, great improvement, this is a good feature to refresh some learned concepts as we walk our paths. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have just spotted this new feature and already took a chance to check few practices. Till now I have noticed that after finishing each prctice module and clicking ‘Finish Button’ it redirects me to the latest mission I have completed, instead of next practice module (In my humble opinion it would be far more intuitive approach). I would also apprciate to see more exercises, but I understand that “Rome hasn’t been built overnight.” :slight_smile:

EDIT: One more thing. It would be great to see that there is no step-by-step instruction. Instead of such one, I would love to see " You have got this, and we want you achieve something like this." instructions.


First, I wish to congratulate you on this idea. It is just awesome.\

Second, (and just a suggestion) would it be helpful if in the description of the practice problem say which module the problem relates to. (e.g. try this exercise after completing the ‘Exploring Data with pandas: Fundamentals’ module). I am not sure if that is possible or not.

My issue is that I have currently only completed a third of the Data Analysis course, so I am not sure which practice problems I should take a shot at or which ones will just be too hard for me…

Once again, thanks for putting this forward, it is a fantastic development.


Hi! I really like this idea. I am not super far into the path I’m on, but I appreciate the practice problems for each topic.

I also agree that it would be helpful if there was a way to reference which module the problems are related to.

I would also like to see more challenging problems, without step by step guidance (also mentioned above).

I am hoping that this feature will be expanded to other modules past the python basics :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if the problems were only “available” after the related mission section or module is completed, so we don’t have to try and guess if the problems are too difficult/beyond our current knowledge.



It is very helpful to add “Practice mode” to dashboard since I previously could not access practice problems anywhere (once to choose to temporarily skip them).

I am now following data scientist path with Python. On my opinion, there shall be several practice problems for every topic (especially for big topics like working with Pandas and Numpy). Can’t wait to see all practice problems to be fully uploaded on “Practice mode”



Maybe implement an option that will or will not display that function?

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Thanks for the feedback so far, it’s really great! I just want to let you know that we’re reading every comment here and we’ll consider these ideas for our improvements to Practice Problems in March. Please keep the ideas and feedback coming, it definitely has an impact on the shape of this feature :slight_smile:


In the “Variables and Data Types Problems”, on questions 3, I got the following message when I submitted my answer:
“stars isn’t defined in your code, but we expected it to be str type”.
For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get the “right” answer, even though the answer I input was exactly the same as the answer given. I have tried all kinds of iterations of typing “str” but nothing seems to work.
I had an analogous issue in question 7: “apples_given_to_each isn’t defined in your code, but we expected it to be int type” even though my answer was exactly the same as the answer given.
What am I missing?


I’m noticing that the shell is running slow and or disconnects during lessons and during practice. Is this a regular occurance?


Hi Mary,

The Practice Mode is really awesome and refreshing activity for me. And I really loved it. It is a self-evaluation feature for me. A really big Thanks to team for this.

I request to please kindly include Practice Mode for each single mission and a little extra will also do in that - like something for the interview Practice too.
I am really looking forward to see all the missions in Practice Mode + Interview Practice Mode coming very soon in my Dashboard.

If all the above comes true for me, I would like one more feature from, that is job -placement assistance for Freshers like me.

Thanks in advance.


Answering my own question…
Looks like this was fixed. I went back in 12 hours later and submitted the same answers from before and I no longer get the messages mentioned above. Can’t tell you how frustrating and discouraging it was to fight with this and just not be able to figure it out, but glad it was fixed so fast. Thank you!


Hi team,
practice problem is helpful… I would like to suggest If you create the practice problem level of difficulty like easy,medium,difficult so that we can get more knowledge on the specific topic. kindly post problems on Data manipulation, Data cleaning and SQL concepts too.


Just quick feedback. I clicked first practice, it opened, I saw that its just too easy for me now, I quit from practice, and it shows that I done 13% but I didnt type any character there at all or skipped practice to right on arrows.

Also would be nice if somekind of “excercise level” like easy, medium, hard would be there.

I love this practice idea though! Great update.