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Hi! The practice mode is really great. Constant repetition is the key to mastery so it is really helpful.


My opinion, it’s something very nice and helpful.

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Hi @MaiPags, we are working on Pandas practice problems and they should be out sometime next month :slight_smile:


I really like the practice mode!

I’ve been doing a few, in order not to forget some concepts and sintaxes after moving to another steps that do not use a lot of python (for instance, after working with Bash and with SQL, it’s good to go to the practice section and do some python excercises, in order to the keep the python sintax fresh in our minds).

I was having a hard time though with the python exercises where the DataQuest answer check was expecting the answer as a “list of lists”, while I managed to get to the same data through a pandas data.frame. Therefore I am very happy to know that you are currently working on Pandas practice problems!!


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Hello Mary,

I love the practice mode! I hope you guys would release more practice mode questions as it has additional learning points that weren’t included in the normal learning route. Just doing the first 3 exercises has made me more confident in tackling future python questions. Great job, loved it! Please do release more!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone,

We’ve created NumPy practice problems and we would love to have your feedback. They are now available for beta testing. They will be made available to the practice problem dashboard after this beta testing phase.

More information on this here.

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yes, its really cool cuz in other courses its hard to follow video lectures but learning by coding and then getting to practice is a whole different ball game

Practice mode is just perfect. It touches every part of the topic it is made upon. Great initiative by @dataquest team. The hints and answers makes it easy to understand and practice. This section is very well sufficing the quote :

Practice makes a man perfect.

i don’t have a paid account to unlock missions, so i’m progressing by doing practice questions and googling the answers… :scream: it’s slow and painful, but i guess effective… add more questions, im more than happy to test all.

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Practice mode really helped me retain more my new learnings! It’s a very useful feature and I love it!

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Hello everyone,

We’ve created Pandas practice problems and we would love to have your feedback. They are now available for beta testing. They will be made available to the practice problem dashboard after this beta testing phase.

More information on this here.


it’s a fantastic part of Dataquest
when I do practices I get better.

I really appreciate the practice content and the ability to navigate freely around topics (to act as a pretest or to check retention). Some of the loop questions are well-structured to check for understanding of what is happening in a loop (as opposed to just matching the output) - I think this is a great idea.

My only grumble is that when a submitted response fails, it’s hard for me to problem-solve the issue. I would love to have the option to see expected output vs. actual output for each wrong submission so that I can figure out where the issue is.

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I would love to find some practice in regular expressions! :pray: :grin:

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This is an awesome feature that I haven’t seen in other places. Just keeps you fresh or refreshes the memory if I’ve been away for a few days. Just hop right in.

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I 100% agree with this feedback and would love more intermediate/complex SQL practice questions!

On #8 for Pandas Data Cleaning and Data Practice Problems the expected answer is wrong. The expected answer has firstnames in the lastname column.

Hi there,

I’ve a question regarding access to the Practice Mode in DQ basic mode. Now I’m on Covid Scholarship with full access to ‘Data Analyst in Python’ path. In October I will loose the premium access, so I wonder if it will be still possible to solve the Practice Mode content after I will be back on basic account?
Thank you for the answer!

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All the problems in the List Practice Problems set have answer that use things that have not been taught in the list module… not really practice problems if I haven’t been taught the material to answer them. Sort of frustrating.

I thought the same thing the first time I tried the practice problems. But then I tried them again and I read the first page instead of just skipping it…check it out:

"In this set of practice problems, you’ll be practicing using NumPy. These problems are not limited to what you’ve learned in the NumPy missions. There are many useful NumPy functions that we could not cover throughout the missions because it would make them too long.

We believe that the best way to master NumPy is to learn the fundamentals and then solve problems while looking up the documentation to learn new functions that can help with solving the problems. We’ve covered the fundamentals in our NumPy missions. Now its time to solidify and expand that knowledge by working this set of problems.

Note that solving these problems is strongly encouraged but optional. It does not impact your progress on the path.

We encourage you to look at our solutions once you’ve solved a problem. Some problems might be a bit challenging and require a few attempts before finding the solution. We encourage you to keep on trying. There is a lot you can learn from looking at others’ solutions to the same problems. However, remember that having a different solution does not make your solution worse than the others!"

I believe this bit of text is very important and shows that your frustration is normal and expected. Just keep going! :slight_smile:

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