Share with us - Feedback on Practice Mode

I love them, good way for us to continue practicing the skills that we learn.


It’s great so far. I know it is just a preview but when the full version comes out I think it would be good practice to require the practice to progress in the tracks. Forced practice will create good habits moving forward.


Very useful for me, as I don’t always feel secure before moving on.


This is an incredibly good idea. Not only does this allow frequent revision of the content, but it also prepares us for interviews where we often have to solve problems.

Some additional features to consider:

  • Add a test bank maybe from compiled interview questions
  • have some database questions

Sometimes there are connection issues related to the CLI missions (or in general). We’re working on improving that and hopefully you won’t see this problem anymore soon :slight_smile:. Thanks for the feedback!

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We can get more practice for R especially Data Analyst in R


After completing the practice tasks, I like to compare the code I wrote to the code in the answer key. Doing so sometimes helps me to learn to write better, more robust, and cleaner code.

I noticed that some of the answers I came up with in the first two practice problems were better and more scalable than what is in the answer key. It would be really cool to see more solutions in the answer key, where you have:

Good: “code for good solution”
Better: “code for better solution”
Best: “more advanced code for best solution”

This way if I wrote code that only looks like the “Good” solution, then I would know that there was room for improvement, and that I should learn how to write code like in the “Best” solution.


If Dataquest figures out a way to give users ample practice exercises to reinforce their mastery of the skills it’s trying to teach, it will truly be the preeminent resource for learning Python and Data Science! Their competitors are lacking in this area. Many platforms ask you to learn key skills through primarily reading and with minimal practice exercises. The more practice exercises that students have access to, the more likely they are to become proficient in the requisite skills Dataquest is trying to teach.


Hey, love the new feature!
I have two suggestions for potential content:

  1. Flashcard like questions (think lightning or quiz questions) that ask how we would go about to solve a particular problem. Doesn’t have to be super in depth
  2. More Business Problems and scenarios to apply our programming/probability/sql skills

Love the new feature. I’ve been reading a lot about learning and maybe somehow incorporating Space Repetition Software in order to help people remember the concepts long term. Could be a game changer.


Thank You for this amazing experience :slight_smile:


It’s an awesome experience


Just seen this - outstanding! And surely the only way to solidify learning through more repetition.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the modules with practice mode.


Hello @Mary

This is a very good development.

I just finished working with the present questions and I am earnestly anticipating more practice questions.

Well done.


I loved the practice mode in the data quest. I want more practice problems for python intermediate problems. thanks.


The practice mode is really incredible. I would recommend it to be also available for R


Hi DataQuest team

Thank you for the practice mode. You have already been suggested a lot in the previous posts.

So will make a request just in case it’s possible.

Please remove the solution section or make it work like once we submit, we can’t change our solution and only then we can see the answer.

If we want to change our answer we need to redo the entire practice. That way more learning, revision and understanding the same solution achieved in different ways.

Thanks & Regards


Practice mode is a good Idea


I really enjoy practice mode, as it helps me with the knowledge I’ve lost over the past weeks. I noticed on “Python Fundamentals Practice Problems”, we work with a csv file called “users.csv” but it’s not shown, I can only see “AppleStore.csv”. Wrong csv file shown

I would like the “See the answer” tab to be less accessible so we have more time to think; sometimes I click see the answer and I find that it was much simpler that what I thought I had.


I’ll reiterate what other people have said. It’s a great idea to have practice mode, but for it to be good practice, you can’t tell us step-by-step what to do like in the learning modules. Just state what final variable(s) the answer checker is looking for. I try not to look at the bottom left to get better practice and self-testing, but it’s hard to avoid.

For final checking or folks who get really stuck, perhaps it would be good to have a separate “solution set” like what you do for the guided project Jupyter notebooks, so we can check our approach after–but not during the practice exercise