Share with us - Feedback on Practice Mode

I would love to find some practice in regular expressions! :pray: :grin:

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This is an awesome feature that I haven’t seen in other places. Just keeps you fresh or refreshes the memory if I’ve been away for a few days. Just hop right in.

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I 100% agree with this feedback and would love more intermediate/complex SQL practice questions!

On #8 for Pandas Data Cleaning and Data Practice Problems the expected answer is wrong. The expected answer has firstnames in the lastname column.

Hi there,

I’ve a question regarding access to the Practice Mode in DQ basic mode. Now I’m on Covid Scholarship with full access to ‘Data Analyst in Python’ path. In October I will loose the premium access, so I wonder if it will be still possible to solve the Practice Mode content after I will be back on basic account?
Thank you for the answer!

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All the problems in the List Practice Problems set have answer that use things that have not been taught in the list module… not really practice problems if I haven’t been taught the material to answer them. Sort of frustrating.

I thought the same thing the first time I tried the practice problems. But then I tried them again and I read the first page instead of just skipping it…check it out:

"In this set of practice problems, you’ll be practicing using NumPy. These problems are not limited to what you’ve learned in the NumPy missions. There are many useful NumPy functions that we could not cover throughout the missions because it would make them too long.

We believe that the best way to master NumPy is to learn the fundamentals and then solve problems while looking up the documentation to learn new functions that can help with solving the problems. We’ve covered the fundamentals in our NumPy missions. Now its time to solidify and expand that knowledge by working this set of problems.

Note that solving these problems is strongly encouraged but optional. It does not impact your progress on the path.

We encourage you to look at our solutions once you’ve solved a problem. Some problems might be a bit challenging and require a few attempts before finding the solution. We encourage you to keep on trying. There is a lot you can learn from looking at others’ solutions to the same problems. However, remember that having a different solution does not make your solution worse than the others!"

I believe this bit of text is very important and shows that your frustration is normal and expected. Just keep going! :slight_smile:

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Would be interested in practising data engineering (ETL/ELT) tasks in Python, such as:

  • Parallel procesing
  • Batch processing
  • Stream processing
  • Data wrangling in order to process data and move it to a database

These are topics I face during work and I would be very happy if there is a place I can further develop these kind of skills. There is a data engineer career path but I this just isn’t enough and I wish there were more resources

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I have a really difficult time understanding how to approach these problems. I usually begin by trying to use Google to research some potential solutions, but then I’m introduced to a bunch of topics that I’m not familiar with yet, and wholly unsure if I should be using them to solve the problem.

Also, I got up to the ‘Function’ practice and noticed that some of the answers are using things we haven’t been taught in the course.

TLDR; I love the idea, I’d just prefer a more streamlined approach / way of continuously improving my knowledge on these topics :slight_smile:

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The practice mode is a good way to recap on what we learn in the courses :grinning:

Some plotting exercices would be nice !

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Hello Dataquest!

I love practice mode. It helps revisit the concepts completed a while ago. For people like me who are new to programming and data science really need to revisit everything to retain. All the topics and coding practice we get in missions is great and I understand everything being explained. However, after a few days, it becomes blurred and need more practice. This is where dataquest practice tool is very handy. I would love to see practice problems on visualization as well as more complex functions.


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I’ve started the Practice Mode and like it a lot. When I first looked at it, I couldn’t tell which practices were for what level of learning, but now it seems very clearly laid out.
Have completed three so far: Programming in Python, Variables and Data Types, Lists and For Loops.

There’s a decent mix of things that were definitely covered in the course so far, with some things that need to be googled thrown in to the mix. That makes sense to me, as that’s how people actually work in the real world.

I also like the Hint and Answer. They aren’t exposed until you ask for them, which is good. I’ve been forcing myself so far to get an answer before looking at the hint and answer. However, it’s great to have them, as the approach and answer aren’t always what I came up with, and that’s useful to evaluate.

I may feel differently as I progress through more content, but right now, I think the practice mode is very well done and very important. Trying to write programs is the only way to really learn.

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I am finding the Practise Mode very useful for reviewing. Specifically the day after completing a mission since it helps refresh the concepts I learnt in it without any guidance or support.

Practice mode seems great so far! It’s really nice having the option to go back and brush up on skills and techniques where I know I’m struggling or haven’t remembered the syntax quite right.

I would love to see more exercises and topics available for sure. I also agree with some other people that mentioned the ability to hide the hint/solution buttons - having the option would be nice. Lastly, the ability to clear all of the problems to start back from the start would be a great addition, so you could reuse them in a week or two without trying to delete the code quickly before you see the answer.

The practice mode section is a very welcome addition to me!

Hi! I am really enjoying doing Practice Mode after each lesson to evaluate how I am grasping the data. Something I think would be helpful would be the ability to flag/bookmark those problems we had issues with. In that manner, we can revisit and try again later. Also, it would be nice to be able to see a list of flagged ones, to see if there is a trending topic we are having issues with.


Would also like to see more SQL Practice problems

Yes, the concept is on point but there should be resources for each language, I am trying to work with R and this is really a let down, only in for a few months until i move to datacamp with much better practice.

The “Practice Mode” session is very didactic and great. It helps me a lot.

I am just missing for now a “Practice Mode” session for classes. Even if this is not the focus of data science, it could be offered for practice anyway. I am really seeking to practice my classes skills here!

I’m new to DataQuest and I LOVE this mode. I learn by doing, and I was having trouble remembering some of the foundations from the first lessons as I progressed. It’s so much better for me to be able to work on a set of problems to refresh than to read over some text. I hope this is something that you continue to expand upon throughout the levels! (ie, When I go back to the “Programming in Python” practice problems, new ones have been added so I can continue to drill those basics.)

Just one thing that is not so much a critique as much as a point of confusion - the practice problems introduced two new concepts to me that weren’t in the original material. It wasn’t a big deal because they’re simple and it was explained well. I just wondered why they weren’t in the original material, because I wouldn’t have learned them without going to the practice problems.

I like the idea others proposed re: adding a hyperlink to the relevant learning section. I had to go back and find what I needed to look at, and I’m sure when modules get larger in scope that will be more time consuming.