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I like the idea. I completed the SQL Fundamentals Practice session. What I found with this and with the SQL Fundamentals course is that the questions are way too easy.

I would like to see more challenging problems, both in the Practice session and in the assessments or toward the end of the lessons (it’s good how the lessons are very simple and start easy though).

I started off with SQL Fundamentals this week because it is offered for free on Dataquest and I’m a bit hesitant to pay for full version because I’m concerned that the content on all of the other sections will be way too easy in terms of the coding challenges given. Again, easy is good at the start, but it doesn’t seem to work up to something hard…I mean after completing all of the SQL Fundamentals, the most challenging questions in the Practice Problems weren’t even close to the most challenging things learned in those missions, and the most challenging things in those missions weren’t nearly challenging enough themselves.

The directions are too step-by-step, as well.

If you could give only the final output required, like a real business problem, and put the step-by-step in the hints in case we need it.

Would love to see more basic, intermediate and advanced SQL practice queries in Practice Mode. I like what I’ve seen so far from the single set of SQL practice problems that are available right now!

It is great Dataquest has finally added exercises for practice.
Please add exercises for Regex.

I just started doing practice problems, and I love that they are available. I have often found that I can learn something really well in a mission but I will quickly forget it if I don’t practice it again in the next week or so. More opportunities for practice is fantastic!

Three suggestions:

  1. I echo what some have said about wanting less step-by-step instructions. Part of the reason I forget material is that I never used it without guidance, so it’s not completely solid in my memory. Following instructions is very different than having to figure something out on your own, and I would prefer the practice problems to focus more on the latter.

  2. From reading other comments, I feel there is a tension between learning new material and practicing old material. To me these are both valid and good goals, but they may be better treated differently. As I noted in point one, previously learned materials is best presented with little or no explanation. “Extra” material obviously requires guidance, so perhaps these could be separate “extra credit” modules or simply labeled as practice problems for new material. At any rate, separating the two more would be helpful.

  3. It is challenging that after you use practice mode, the “resume progress” directs you to practice problems instead of your normal path. Practice problems are separate from the path and don’t need to be worked through sequentially. This should be entirely separate from your path progress.

Now we can say really really Dataquest is the first platform for learning data science. All other ways, miss the point that practices and problems are the best way to make a data analyst, not just reading and taking lessons.

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I just want to reiterate, there is a need for more SQL problems. The only SQL practice problems are really basic compared to what is taught in the course, and they don’t cover CASE, WITH, JOIN, UNION, etc. I have a job interview and it would be really useful to review what I learned.

Hi DataQuest Team! I would love to see more Practice work focused on SQL (intermediate). I am just finishing up Fundamentals coursework & want to continue to stay sharp as I continue on with other courses available. Thank you!