Sharing a personal project for review

I recently did this project and i am looking for constructive feedback and new ideas/view points for the same.

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Hi Raj,

I love your initiative on this project. I’m just a little curious, what was your motivation for doing this project? Because it seems like the different objectives benefit different groups of Airbnb stakeholders. Eg. If the project was catered towards prospective or current Airbnb hosts, info on which areas would have more traffic would certainly be more useful than which are the busiest hosts.

Now that some time has passed and clearly Airbnb has been badly hit by the pandemic situation, if you are interested, just purely as a suggestion: it might be interesting to do some differentiation the trends before Feb 2020 and since Feb 2020 till present date/whenever the data set is updated till.

However I do note that data on Airbnb may be too sparse after Feb 2020 to come up with any fair conclusions so that might have to wait a little longer.

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful analysis you’ve put up and I can only hope to reach that level of competency in the future. Kudos to a job well done~ :fire: