Sharing "Answering Business Questions Using SQL" (Chinook Music Store)

Hello Community Members,

I have just finished the following guided project:

This was quite challenging, but also really fun! I cross-checked my results with those of the solution provided by Dataquest. My results are the same; my approach was a bit different on several occasions.

Click the link to see my results. I am happy to receive any feedback.

AnsweringBusinessQuestionsUsingSQL - v2.ipynb (1.2 MB)

Best regards,

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @jasperquak , you made the queries look like very easy and simple! Great work.
Also great to know that your results are matching with the solution given.

What I like the most while quickly glancing through your project is the formatting. It is easy to read and comprehend. Though there is one suggestion. What do you think about limiting the number of rows being printed? The long one had about 600 rows and that is a lot of scrolling for someone who is only interested in the conclusions.

Apart from that, maybe it would be an interesting read and interesting angle to know more about a new way of styling sql from this guide.

Anyway, great job. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more projects from you.

Hi @jithins123 , thank you for your feedback!

I definitely agree with your remark regarding the output and all the scrolling. Now the thing is, that exactly the same notebook renders differently in the Notebook viewer (in this Community) than it does when running it on my own laptop. It will limit the number of rows that are displayed by putting the result in a window with a vertical scrollbar. See picture below: at the left Notebook viewer, and at the right running exactly the same notebook and query on my own machine.

Do you happen to know how I could control this? It will be some sort of ‘environment setting’… not sure whether I can set that from within a notebook - so that I can also make it apply for the Notebook viewer?

Thank you for the pointer to the Style guide. That’s different from the style guide that the Dataquest course was pointing me to! (E.g. “SELECT” vs “select”.) I gauge from your reply that the one that you pointed to is more modern, and more standard these days? (In which case we should maybe ask Dataquest to review this, and reconsider which style guide to recommend in their training courses.)

Thanks again!

I may have found a solution for lack of scrollable output in nbviewer. Here is a link that discusses the same problem

Yes, it is a modern style guide as the title suggests. In fact some of the community members posted it here some time ago and I found it to be very interesting and thought of sharing. I’m not sure how standard it is in the professional circles though.

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Thank you @jithins123 for the link regarding the scrollable output in nbviewer! Seems to work; I have uploaded a new version of my notebook (in the original post).

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Looking much nicer. Also congratulations community champion!

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