Sharing Guided Project - Analyzing freeCodeCamp's Dataset


Sharing the guided project - Finding the best markets to analyze in.
I have not exactly followed the same scenario that was given, I took a different approach. And all that is explained in the notebook.

Looking for some constructive feedback.

Link -
P.S. I made a lot of changes to the notebook and added more description after i had downloaded it. Hence the github link.

Thank you
Raj Tulluri

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hey @Raj

This is really great work. :ok_hand: Your plots are especially big, bold and catchy. :+1:

And you managed to shorten the project and still be able to finalize it. I like the short too.

However why NO title? that was a BIG letdown. - negative count here!

on the technical side:

  • please explain what this is “‘fivethirtyeight’)” - I know I can google but I won’t. I and google are not searching terms today!
  • please explain how have you achieved the bars at different levels on Y-axis. I mean why aren’t they overlapping on the axis. or is it the above style code part?
  • why not take care of warning messages to make the project more complete and proof-read?

thanks for sharing this project. :slight_smile:

and just in case you are able to manage your time, please review this same project of mine. Thanks.

Hey @Rucha

Thank you!

So ‘FiveThirtyEight’ is a website that carries out a lot of surveys and polls. They provide with a lot of datasets, for example, the analysis on reviewing Fandango’s ratings by Walt Hickey was on behalf of ‘FiveThirtyEight’. For matplotlib they have their own style for plots.

The style ‘FiveThirtyEight’ does make it look nice, but it is the align parameter of the function inbuilt in pandas.

I will take care of the title and the warning messages, will keep it in mind for future purposes as well. Thank you so much for reviewing it.
I will surely look into yours, where can I find it?

Raj Tulluri

hey @Raj

link for project

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Hey @Rucha,
Wonderful project, I learned so much from it. :smile:
I was looking into the pywaffle package and tried it myself. Somehow the icons doesn’t work for me. It says I do not have Font Awesome.
I tried to find a way I could install this on anaconda, but no luck. Could you help me out please?
Raj Tulluri

hey @Raj

Thanks for taking a look at my project :slight_smile:

I executed just this on the anaconda prompt:
pip install pywaffle I guess I have mentioned pip and not conda in my project as well.

Hey @Rucha,

I took your advice and made major changes in the project. You can view it here -

Thank you so much for helping out! :smile: :smile:
Raj Tulluri