Sharing Guided Project: EURO-USD Exchange Rate Change with U.S. Presidency

I’m mainly surprised that I managed to re-produce that graph at all. Meanwhile I feel there are some repetitive code in the visualization part (last cell), and I’m interested in receiving feedbacks that can make the code more concise.

Basics.ipynb (276.0 KB)

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@changni924 great job on your project. You have done a good job on reproducing the visualizations from the image.

A couple of point to help improve your project:

Presentation Style
  • Ensure to have your cell numbers continuous. After cell [13] the next cell is cell [36]. You can do the same using

  • Include a proper introduction and conclusion section. They are especially useful to readers who want to a quick overview of your project and don’t have the time to read.

  • Include more sections for cleaning and analyzing. This helps the reader keep in track and get some more context on what each of the code bits are about.

  • Add a link to where the reader can access the dataset, this should be available in the page where Dataquest introduces the project.

Coding Style
  • I noticed that you’ve not included comments. I would encourage you to use the same. Later on, when you return to improve upon the project they will act like bookmarks that remind you what you did in each code bit.
  • You should change the copyright of the image from DATAQUEST to your name as its your visualization. I’m referring to this bit of code
plt.text(732300, -0.2, "©DATAQUEST" + " "*160 + "Source: European Central Bank", 
         color = 'white',
         backgroundcolor = "#606060")
  • It would be good to include some context related to your plot to help the reader understand the variance in exchange rates over the presidencies. Specifically helpful to users would be the ‘why’ behind the variance.

Your visualization is definitely beautiful. Hope to see more beautiful :star_struck: plots in the future.