Sharing Jupyter notebooks on Github

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I have been studying this course for four months, and many projects have done. unfortunately, I am struggling to share (upload) my projects from Jupyter notebooks to Github Repository. So could you get to solve this kind of issue?

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Once in the repository page, click on te Add Files button on the top of the screen and the on Upload file. After that, you only need to choose your file and click on Commit changes.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Actually I made a repository page and clicked on the Add files button for uploading the Jupyter notebook file which already exists on the Jupyter page. but when come to choose file after clicking there are no option or extension with Jupyter.

see below the Jupyter notebook which needed to upload on Github.

and Github page

click on choose you files and select your jupyter notebook make sure file type is all.

which extension file should be download from Jupyter notebook before the uploading process on Github.
see below the option of the download as a file.

I mean downloading projects with the same as jupyter within codes and outputs. same as the below pictures.


You should select the Notebook(.jpynb) to download and then you can push/upload the same notebook to Github.

Just in case, if you are still unsure I recommend you to go through this link for better understanding of the process.

I hope it helps.


If are you running Jupyter locally, the notebook file is already in your computer, you do not need to download it. Just upload the file on GitHub.


Thanks a lot for helping

Hi! @alialobaidi1501,
Welcome to the community!
If you wish you can also refer to this post.