Sharing my first dataquest project. Exploring Ebay Car sales

Hi all,

I’m just sharing my first completed project. I would love any feedback you have relating to my use of code, the outline and workflow of my project, or any constructive criticism that you have.

Many Thanks,


Exploring eBay Car Sales Data (2).ipynb (474.3 KB)

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Hi Alex!

   Congratulations! Your project looks beautiful! 

I am new-ish here myself, so I feel I can just provide simple feedback on format. I was wondering throughout the project why certain plots were blue and others rainbow colored. I was thinking at first the rainbow color indicated more importance or change to the underlying data? It was a bit distracting trying to figure that out, at first.

The only other thing I can offer is that the “Distribution of Car Registrations by Year” graph could be larger and the curvy line across it could be made a different color from the rest of the graph, perhaps? (minor thing)

I think it’s an awesome project.


Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for reading over my project and thank you for your kind words.
Great point regarding the inconsistency with the visualizations, I didn’t even think of that. I will definitely rework them to keep the project looking the same.

Best of luck with your own projects!!

Many thanks,