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Sharing my first guided project, project 2

Guided Project_ Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb.tar (3.0 MB)

Basics.ipynb (14.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hello @rudythealchemist! Could you please upload the .ipynb file on nbviewer or GitHub?


I uploaded the the project to Github but the file format was wrong, I made the correction.

I still can’t see it in your original post.

I don’t know what I not doing right for the post not to be visible. I will upload the project to nbviewer.

Hi @rudythealchemist! Now I can see the project, thanks for sharing it with the community. You have a very short but neat project. You got straight to the point: answer the questions!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Provide the link to the data set (and data dictionary) you use
  • Comment the code, it will become easier to understand what you’re doing, and it’s important for other people and for the future you
  • Leave out technical details in Markdown, instead concentrate on the story. You can always add technicalities in code comments
  • Provide some context to the project: why would you like to know the average number of comments and the hours with the highest number of comments?
  • Import all libraries in the first code cell, it improves the readability
  • Refer back to the documentation for the data set to convert the times to the time zone you live in. Write a markdown cell explaining your findings. You should do it:) It’s not the work for the reader.
  • In conclusions, write about the average number of Ask and Show comments and give a recomendation to the reader on where and when to post

I hope my suggestions are helpful! Happy coding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Your feedback is very helpful, thank you so much!

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