Sharing my first guided project

This is my first project here in dataquest and first overall in my path towards data science.

Basics.ipynb (82.0 KB)

Feel free to go through the code and provide your inputs
Looking forward to your comments

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Hello, @animeshn95. Welcome to the Dataquest community and congratulations on completing your first guided project. I had a look at your project. Here are a few areas on which you could improve to make your analysis better.

  • Always add an introduction to your project, explaining the readers what insights are you trying to derive from the analysis. In this case, you haven’t added any. So if someone were to read your project, they would never know what questions are you trying to answer in your analysis. Remember, data analysis is a form a story telling.
  • Use markdown to explain your thought process and what are you doing a certain thing and the reason for it. For example, in this particular project, you are removing the last details column of the dataset. You could have written like, Since, we only want to know the year in which most escapes happened and the country in which happened. The ‘details’ column for the analysis is pointless and makes the data a bit difficult to read. So, let’s get rid of the details column. Likewise, you could have done the same for fetching only the years of each prison escape.
  • The coding part of your project is good, I don’t see any problem in it. However, use code comments to explain technical things. Comments are supposed to help you understand what the code is doing. In the 8th cell, # Instruction 2 - nothing to do here doesn’t do anything. So, use your code comments wisely.
  • Lastly, always rerun your entire cells in the end.
  • Here’s a link which will help you to make your upcoming projects better with this style guide.

All the best on your learning journey. :smiley:


Hello @animeshn95.

Well done completing your first project and thank you for sharing it with us.

@vishallbabu5 has given you some great suggestions so some of my thoughts below might be redundant.

My thoughts:

  1. Add an introduction. This is very important to give context to your readers on what the project is all about. Aside from explaining the project and the questions it tries to answer, you can also add a summary of your main findings.
  2. Change the title to something that specifically reflects what the project is all about. The project is about helicopter escapes but what exactly about helicopter escapes are you interested in answering? A very simple title could be “Analyzing number of helicopter escape attempts”; I’m not that creative so I think you can write a better title than that.
  3. One good habit to start cultivating is alternating code cells with markdown cells. Doing that encourages you to explain what you’re doing instead of an endless sequence of codes. Most likely in the future, you’ll need to communicate with non-technical readers thus the non-code sections are very useful for them.
  4. A graph with no labels and title is fine if it’s only for your own use. But when someone else is expected to view the graph, make sure to at least have an xlabel, a ylabel, and a title.
  5. Add block comments to describe what a section/block of code will do. This is important for both technical readers and your future self.
  6. Add a conclusion. Summarise the main findings here. It’s likely the readers will forget some of what they’ve read and you want to make sure they take away something useful from your project. You worked hard to get those findings, so always remind your readers about how interesting and useful your findings can be.

That’s it from me. Feel free to ignore any suggestion that is not useful.

Keep learning. Cheers.


Thank you @vishallbabu5 for your suggestions.
I would surely try to incorporate these in my future projects.


Thank you @wanzulfikri for your suggestions.
Sometimes redundancy is also useful. It helps in remembering the vital points while moving forward in a new domain.
I will surely try to incorporate these changes in my future projects.