Sharing my third guided project : exploring hacker news post

Here is my completed guided project on Exploring Hacker News Post
Basics-checkpoint.ipynb (13.1 KB)
kindly share your ideas and what you think about my work

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Hello @oladenitao. I had a quick look at your project, here are a few areas which you could work on

  • Adding a bit more introduction to project would help. Adding what hacker news site is. Also the analysis is on Ask HN and Show HN posts, so explaining the audience what those terms are would be a good addition.
  • Don’t put everything into a single cell. In the first cell of your code, you have put your several code in the same cell. Though, it will not throw an error or something but it hinders readability of your code. I would suggest you to break down those codes in different cell.
  • Good job on adding a conclusion and mentioning the time zone in which the analysis was done.

Overall, an easy to follow project and you have did a good job. Good luck on your learning journey. :smiley:


Hi @oladenitao Great project! I think there are some good areas of improvement besides of the one already mentioned:

  1. Some context about the results: In the cell Extracting the row with Ask HN post, Show HN post and Other post to seperate empty list the output are three number which can be identified in the code, but overall a description about what each number represent could add to communicating better the idea. In the same way that you did on other cells

  2. Some visualization be a good way of communicating the key findings and idea, so instead of displaying numbers, adding some graphs could help to improve the discussion.

  3. Get all libraries needed on the first cell, so you can communicate to other people what tools are needed to replicate your findings.

Amazing project!!!

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