Sharing of Notes

Hi everyone! I thought of ways to contribute to the community and would like to share my notes with everyone. Here is how you can do it too :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Upload your file to Google Drive
  2. Create sharable link (Make sure to set the permissions to view only)
  3. Share the link here!

Optional Step - I put my note in the Google Drive folder so it will automatically sync every time I update it

Please download the file and opening using microsoft word, using google docs will affect the formatting, use ctrl + click on the blue highlighted text to access the internal bookmarks!


Hey there ! What programming language are your notes in ?

Hi the language is Python


Thanks for sharing your notes. I am wondering if this is a link to a file or your whole folder?

There is 1 file in this link which is my note in word document

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I see. Thanks for sharing again. I only write my notes (basically just answer from exercise) into visual studio and it is kind of hard to read actually.

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