Sharing scripts with non-tech users (coworkers)

Hello folks!

Thanks to the Dataquest I was able to write a bunch of useful python scrips that are significantly reducing manual work. Right now I’m the only one at my team who knows how to run the scripts. I work at HR and my coworkers are not willing to spend even 10 mins to install python, pandas, or any other packages. The terminal is something they never used. In case I’m on vacation they will spend 6 times more time doing my work.

The scripts are simple ones, using python 3, pandas, NumPy, DateTime and OS packages. The script is having a user input where the user usually writes one word a number, based on what action they want to run. Then they only need the .csv file as in input and the script will perform some changes and return new .csv file as an output.

Is there a simple way how to share the scripts with my coworkers. Idealy they would only double-click an icon a voila the output appears in the respective folder.

I was already looking around the internet, find [Platypus[(Platypus - Create Mac apps from command line scripts) but when running the script it didn’t work – I couldn’t enter the user input.

Does anyone have personal experience with this topic, what worked the best for you? I can’t schedule a meeting with 5 people, took their laptops, and install everything there. Plus they won’t follow any instructions I would give them on how to run the script from the terminal.

Thanks for any tips!

Hi @pav.schuster! For your purposes, I think you can use PySimpleGUI to create a GUI and then PyInstaller to package the script as a Windows executable. I have never used these two packages but they do not seem to be very complex.

There is a nice guide on how to use PySimpleGUI here.

I taught my co-worker how to use a CLI in 15 minutes so you can also give it a try:)

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