Sharing Solution to Guided Project - Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Survey Reviewq

Employee_exit_edited.ipynb (642.9 KB)

Please i would love to get a review and suggestions for the Clean and Analyse Employee Exit Surveys.

i would love to improve more on my analysis skill. Suggestions on the area and probably where i have to improve my skills on would be highly welcomed.
(towards the end of this project, i encountered a problem with the online which i used for this project)


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hey @nnabugwukelvin.chukw

Thank you for sharing your project with DataQuest. :smile:

Few things stand out in your project:

  • Descriptive markups with a combination of texts and points
  • Usage of Comments for almost every code cell. :+1:

Based on a quick glance on the project, I would suggest the following updates:

  • along with texts and pointers also utilize the bold/ italics etc formatting so that the pointers and key conclusions are highlighted more prominently in markups.
  • consistency of headers and markup texts would help in understanding sections and sub-sections better
  • since an error has been encountered in the boxplot, the rest of the cells haven’t been able to render their results, which you might have got while working, with to base your conclusions, but we can’t see them now.

Would appreciate if you can refer to the error related posts in the community itself or official documentation or stack overflow, re-run your notebook and attach again for us to view your project better :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the review.

I will sure put it into place in my next project.

I have corrected the error with help of dataquest community assistance.