Should I know about PRAGMA already?


Slightly confused and looking for some clarification please. The first screen of this mission requires the use of a PRAGMA TABLE_INFO query, but I don’t recall this SQLite extension being covered in any of the previous SQL missions/courses on the Data Science in Python track. The screen hint and answer suggests that I should have been formally taught about PRAGMA queries already.

Have I missed/forgotten something? Could this be a potential teaching gap in this DS track?


I was in the same boat and didn’t know what pragma did.


Same here, perhaps we should report it to DQ’s team.

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Hi @ajlaan, @alp.f.alptekin, @gabriel.belle,

Thank you for pointing this out. We had this information available in our previous course on SQL. Probably the content on PRAGMA got skipped during rewrite. I will get it logged.


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