Should I start with Python or R?


I’m interested in the Data Analyst courses. But still not sure whether to go for python or R.
Can you help?


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Hi savsud09,

Welcome to Dataquest!

That’s a good question that many people have asked! In my opinion, when it comes to data analysis it probably does not really matter if you choose R or Python.

Picking one over the other might depend on your goals and what area of analytics you want to go into. I know in the United States and Canada if you are going into academics R is the most popular tool to use (within the social sciences).

However, if you are planning on doing more than just analytics then Python would probably be a better choice.

In the long run, learning both would really give you an advantage.

For me, I started learning Python because it is a general purpose programming language and I like the idea of learning a language I can apply to automation, web development, etc.

I have found that R is a little harder to learn compared to Python (but that might just be me). There is a good Dataquest article comparing the two that you can check out here:

And here is one other article you might find helpful:

I think the more important than the syntax or language that you choose is learning the principles behind data analysis. Dataquest is a great place to give you a solid foundation in data analysis (and teach you the syntax).



Python is the future.