Should the map look like this?

Screen Link:

My Code:
Used provided solution code to generate attached screenshot.

What I expected to happen:
Generally better visualization of map, e.g. more refined costlines, colors indicating land and water.

What actually happened:
See screenshot. Is it suppose to look like this?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-28 um 12.22.36

Hi Tim. That’s what my map looks like too. The coastlines look like that because of the resolution parameter, ‘i’ for “intermediate”. Just for kicks I changed it to ‘h’ and the coastlines look more like real coastlines. It took a little longer to run for me though.

I played around a little bit to see about changing the colors, and I thought drawlsmask() would do it, but it came out as a blocky mess. Then I used fillcontinents() instead of drawmapboundary() and it came out like this, which I liked even with the jagged boundaries:

For the answer-checking purposes, though, you’ll just want to use the parameters as directed. But for local use there’s things you can do to make it look more like what you expected. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot April, very helpful indeed! Especially with your parameter examples and screenshots!