Significance Testing 106-8

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I don’t understand why a dictionary is necessary to determine the p_value. Couldn’t we accomplish the same thing by using the mean_differences list?

Reopening this question, as I am wondering the same, and the question was never answered, it seems.

So we had a list with 1000 values (mean_differences) already some screens before, and we want to figure out how many of them are larger than 2.52.

Why are these 1000 values first put in a dictionary to next get the values larger than 2.52 from this dictionary again…?

Am I missing something…?

I also found the methodology for this entire lesson to be a bit odd.

Shouldn’t we instead filter and make a new list of all instances where value is > 2.52, take the length of that list, and then divide by 1000 to understand the probability?