Simple Tic Tac Toe project im stuck

I could just Youtube how other people do this but thats not the point of projects i want this to be my own and not copied from other sources .

My question about this simple code is : How do i write this simple check_winner() function or maybe it is not as simple as it seems ( thats what i always think when im stuck ) ive tried everything i know also googled some and found nothing so my last resort is to post it on a Forum .
Thanks if someone helps out
Also if u post a solution that is complicated could u explain a bit the code u posted?


import time

def change_turn():

if its x turn == x winner if o turn == o winnner

def check_winner():
# if board[0][0] == “x” and board[0][1] == “x” and board[0][2] == “x”: NO
# if board[0] == “x”: NO
# print(“X WINS !”) NO
# i got bored 14:03
for row in board:
if row[0][0] == “x” and row[0][1] == “x” and board[0][2] == “x”:
print(“X IS THE WINNER !”)


row1 = [“:white_large_square:”, “:white_large_square:”, “:white_large_square:”]
row2 = [“:white_large_square:”, “:white_large_square:”, “:white_large_square:”]
row3 = [“:white_large_square:”, “:white_large_square:”, “:white_large_square:”]

board = [row1, row2, row3]

def game_engine():
Bool = True

while Bool:

	place_x = input("X Turn to play\n").lower()

	horizontal = int(place_x[0])
	vertical = int(place_x[1])
	place_x = board[horizontal -1][vertical -1] = "x"


	place_o = input("O Turn to play\n").lower()

	horizontal = int(place_o[0])
	vertical = int(place_o[1])
	place_o = board[horizontal - 1][vertical - 1] = "o"





Welcome to the community!

I made a TicTacToe program some time ago. Find here: TicTacToe Two Player Game

You may be interested in the status method.

Unlike in machine learning where the algorithm generates the rules, you have to specify the rules in general programming. You can win a TicTacToe game in 8 ways.