Sklearn pipeline and Decision Tree Classifier

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My Code:

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preprocessing = ColumnTransformer(transformers = [('num_transform',numeric_transformer,numeric_features),('onehot transform',onehot_transformer,onehot_features),('target encoding',targetencoding_transformer,targetencoded_features)])
pipe = Pipeline(steps=[('preproc',preprocessing),('PCA',PCA(n_components=2)),('Decision Tree Classifier',DecisionTreeClassifier(ccp_alpha=0.05))])
X = data.drop(target_feature,axis=1)

What I expected to happen:

I expected the pipe.fit_transform(X,y) code to execute successfully

What actually happened:

AttributeError: 'DecisionTreeClassifier' object has no attribute 'transform'

The way I understood was that the parts of the pipeline, which supports the “fit_transform” function, would execute and those bits where it is not applicable would be mute.

However, I got the above error on execution.
Could someone point me to my mistake? How do I get the pipeline to transform the data and then apply the classifier to the transformed data?

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The final estimator you are using is DecisionTree and it does not implement the transform method.

Use fit. I guess it should work.