Slack Link for DataQuest

Can someone please post the slack link of Data Science Community

Thanks in advance

Hey @ShashankBharadwaj!

Thanks for joining our community - excited to have you here!

As a side note, we’ll be closing that community on October 31st. Let me know if you have any questions!

Edit: This Slack community has been closed.

Thanks for the reply, Mary.

I am able to find the link but I’m unable to get an invite or join the workspace.

It says “Contact the workspace administrator for an invitation”. Could you please let me know or invite me for the same.

My gmail id - [email protected]


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same issue here. couldnt join

Hi, can we keep Slack or have other tool to keep in touch while working on the course? I think direct and quick way to ask/exchange of info/cooperation is really a priority in learning. Please lets consider how we can have a channel with direct communication for quicker issue solutions and feedback.

Can you give me access to the Slack too ? My e-mail is [email protected].

So is there no longer a slack community at all? I keep coming across dead-end links to it in the missions and if it does exist, I’d like to figure out how to join. Haven’t been able to find much info about it otherwise. Thanks!

I’d like to join to the Slack group. This was one of the resources that made me decide for Dataquest instead of Datacamp. My email is [email protected]

Where would I go to communicate about a Data Engineering Director role? I look to communicate directly to provide opportunity.

Hi I am a data scientist with 3 years experience, base in Texas. I also want to join the slack group, my email is [email protected]

The slack community has been closed since October 31 .

If you’re looking for an active Slack community to talk about data, join DataTalks.Club -


To all future posters on this thread, please read this:

The community website ( is the only remaining mode of communication between DQ staff and volunteers and learners like you. In future, just feel free to just create a topic in the community to get your queries addressed. Feel free to also use the Share and Resources Sections. Refer to the links below on some tips on using the community! Thanks!