Small suggestion from a novice working with APIs

TL;DR: Would you consider adding a section/step in your API courses that explains how to construct a request URL to an API endpoint without using the params argument in the request? This would help us understand more thoroughly how to work with APIs.

Hello. I am learning about APIs and have very limited experience, so let me know if I am off base here.

I went through the first blog post by DQ looking at working with APIs, and I completed both missions in the Data Scientist path on APIs. Though I didn’t finish the whole thing, I have skimmed the second blog post from DQ about working with the API. When I went to work/practice with the New York Times APIs, I was thoroughly confused on how to construct a proper request.

Perhaps this was due to lack of experience/knowledge, but I could not get the params argument for a requests.get() function to work correctly. Instead, I had to build the URL in the request manually (or use the help page of their API to help build it for me), and use that URL in the request without any params argument.

This made me realize I had no idea what the requests package in Python was doing with the endpoint URL and the params I was passing, like what the ‘?,’ ‘=,’ and ‘&’ symbols represented.

I’ve spent some time reading and think I have an understanding of how to structure my URL requests without params.