Solution notebook issue

The solution notebook on the link below:

has the same code as I have done in my project
but the call to the display_table function shows an error.

Please help me in finding out the error.

Hey, Arti.

It’s not clear to me what you mean with the solution not being fully accessible. The screenshot you posted matches what I see on the link, and it looks fine to me.

Can you please clarify?

‘display_table’ function shows an error even though its logic is same as that of solution notebook

Judging by your screenshots, you didn’t run the code that defines display_table in a code cell. It’s only displayed in a markdown cell, this isn’t ran by the Python interpreter. Hence the error.

Thanks for pointing it out.
The code works fine.

But, the content of github solution notebook is not getting properly displayed in Chrome.
It (i.e. the solution notebook link) works in other browsers like explorer and firefox as well as in incognito mode of Chrome.

Is there any reason why that happens?

That is very weird. What exactly do you see on your end? Can you post a screenshot?

Without more information, no idea.

Google chrome:
(Part two and contents after that are not visible).

Google chrome Incognito mode:
(The contents of solution notebook are visible)

Internet Explorer:
(The contents of solution notebook are visible)

Odd! My best guess is that it didn’t load properly and you’re constantly looking at a cached, not-fully-loaded version.

Try hard-refreshing (Ctrl+Shift+R) to try to fix it.

If this doesn’t work and my guess is wrong, then I have no idea of what’s going on, but it’s definitely not at Dataquest’s end.

This issue is also posted on GitHub itself.

According to the suggestions on the link below, I tried using Chrome in developer mode with updated extensions and did not use any ad blocker.
But the issue still persists.

I do understand that it has nothing to do with dataquest, so I am using incognito mode for referring to solution notebook.

But being a member here, I considered posting about the issue here so that this may come to your notice and we could resolve it if possible.

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