Solution to Project III: German eBay Cars

Hello all,

This is my 3rd guided project solution. Your feedback on mistakes/how to improve are highly appreciated.

Here is the url of the last mission:

project.ipynb (324.0 KB)

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Hi @issam0ali
Welcome to this community and congratulations for having completed your third project on German eBay Cars. Your work look so good indeed, I can’t just stop reading your comments they are so interesting and most of your explanations are so informative. I loved the way you managed the thresh hold , that is ,when working on the car brands, thumbs up for the entire work buddy!. However, be very careful on the typos, have encounter some, more so when giving the explanations. in addition to what you have done( giving the findings after every task performed), I think you could have summarize all the findings as well in the conclusion.

Otherwise to me, all is well and just wishing a happy learning!

Hi @brayanopiyo18. Glad you liked the my project and thanks for your comments. I will be more careful with my typos. You suggestion to summarize at the end is sound. Will do that on the next project.

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I like your project man. So detailed but the part concerning grouping mileage and compare it to price which you used delta variable in it was bit hard for me to understand so can you explain it further for me please?