Solutions to Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

Hey all,

I just completed the 1st guided project for the SQL Course along with the extra questions. Have a look to see if we got the same responses on my GitHub page.

Guided Project - Analyzing CIA Fact book Data.ipynb (350.6 KB)

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Hi @michael.hoang17, thanks for sharing your project and kudos for addressing extra questions besides the requirements. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. It is important you provide adequate documentation of your code. In the introduction section, you give a brief description of the dataset used for analysis but it is not informative enough. Here, give an adequate description of the dataset and highlight the main questions you are addressing in the project using the dataset. It is good you have explained some of the query results but you don’t highlight cases where prior query results impact subsequent analysis. For example, in cell 7, you found that the overall world’s population is included in the dataset. Therefore, in later cells when calculating world stats (avg, max populations) you rightly excluded the world’s population figure in your query. It will be good to describe this providing a justification for excluding the population figure for the world.

  2. It will be good to limit the output of some query results by displaying only relevant rows and columns depending on the question being answered.

  3. You have to use a consistent style in writing SQL queries. You may refer to the following posts for guidelines on project presentation, writing SQL queries, etc:
    a. Some guidelines for the guided or personal projects
    b. Detailed Guides to make your Projects Professional!

Good job and Happy learning!

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