[SOLVED] Guided Project: Hacker News Posts

Hi fellow data scientists and analysts on the making! I’m happy to share this project with you guys.I’d love to hear your reviews on the task and also suggestions on improving it further so as to feel appreciated as a member of this intellectual community.
Thank you!


Hacker_news_sbyJ.ipynb (13.7 KB)

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Hi @jhnafrin06,

Congratulations on finishing the second guided project.

A few things that caught my eye on the code are below. These are not a major issue. Maybe you are already aware of it as well. But I thought I’ll mention it anyway.

Here is one of the initial for loop. for row in hn[0:5]:
You must be aware that you can omit the 0 if you want to iterate from the beginning. You can very well write for row in hn[:5]:

You have written this line of code print('') after the for loop to create a newline. The printed output looks good with an extra blank line in between. You can also use print('\n') to print a new line.

Otherwise code and markdown explanations look good. But you can always add more markdown explanation and inline comments to make it easier for others to read. Hope this helps.

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