Solving **Python Data Analysis Basics** Practice Problems 5 with Pandas DataFrames - Help! [1000331-5]

I tried to solve Python Data Analysis Basics Practice Problem 5 with DataFrames, which returned approximate values.

Screen Link:
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My Code:

import csv
raw = list(csv.reader(open('game_sales.csv')))
header = raw[0]
games = raw[1:]

# convert list to DataFrame

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame(games, columns=header)

genre_list = df['Genre'].unique()

# Define a function to find the sum of a column for a given genre.

def find_most(genre,column):
    #retrieve values for the target genre
    genre_sales = df[df['Genre']==genre][column]
    #convert these values to float
    genre_sales = genre_sales.astype(float)
    #reutrn sum of values for the genre 
    return genre_sales.sum()

#add genre:sum pair to dictionary
global_sales_per_genre = {genre:find_most(genre,'Global_Sales') for genre in genre_list}

global_sales_adventure = global_sales_per_genre['Adventure']

What I expected to happen:
Correct values:

{'Misc': 809.9599999999969,
'Simulation': 392.19999999999965,
'Action': 1751.1799999999835,
'Role-Playing': 927.369999999997,
'Sports': 1330.9299999999942,
'Racing': 732.0399999999973,
'Puzzle': 244.95000000000005,
'Fighting': 448.91000000000014,
'Strategy': 175.12000000000018,
'Platform': 831.3699999999982, 
'Shooter': 1037.3699999999963,
'Adventure': 239.04000000000076}

What actually happened:

actual values

 {'Misc': 809.96,
 'Simulation': 392.2,
 'Action': 1751.1799999999998,
 'Role-Playing': 927.37,
 'Sports': 1330.93,
 'Racing': 732.04,
 'Puzzle': 244.95,
 'Fighting': 448.90999999999997,
 'Strategy': 175.12,
 'Platform': 831.37,
 'Shooter': 1037.37,
 'Adventure': 239.04}

Not sure what I’m getting wrong here. Help appreciated!