Some guidelines for the guided or personal projects

You all are doing well. But I want to share some guidelines for guided or pet projects. Please try to follow the guideline.

  • Make proper documentation for your project .
    At the very beginning of your project, add some information about the problem you are trying to solve with this project. Don’t use any technical word for the documentation. So, that people, in general, can easily realize your documentation. Try to add documentation to each part of the project.

  • Code effectively
    To reduce redundancy, try to create a function to have similar types of output. Too many redundant codes can reduce the acceptability of your project.

    Use meaningful variables for the readability of the code. Variable names like a, b, c, b2, etc. can’t be a good example. If you use such types of names, none can trace your code even you may get puzzled with your own code. Debugging will be difficult for you.

    Add comments on your code if necessary.

  • Try to visualize your output aesthetically
    It is important because you believe it or not, it is a human nature that they always like to judge with the visual impact. And it creates the first impression. Mind it, first impression is the best impression. If your visual output is not satisfactory, people will lose interest.

  • Try to add some conclusion which will represent the final successful output.

Happy coding!

Best regards