Some questions about notebooks for Guided Projects

Hi all,

  1. How remove needless notebooks from dashboard in my accounts? Recently I finished mission 350 but I decide partially refactor functions and accidentally make few copies. I don’t find in menu how I can remove myself needless for me notebooks. Or I have to write to support names of needless notebooks with promise delete its?
  2. What’s happening with notebooks when I finish Guided Project and share It?
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Hi Vadim,

To remove unnecessary copies, select Jupyter under the name of you current notebook in your mission screen. Then open the notebook folder. Find and select the notebook you want to delete (tick the box at its left). Now you can delete it. You can follow the screenshots below:

Now, to return to the necessary notebook to continue working with it in the DQ environment, select its name from the dropdown list right below the name of the mission screen (to the left of the bottom Refresh).

When you share your guided project, it is rendered in nbviewer by the automatic system and can be easily opened by the other community members for reviewing.

If you want to download your project as a Jupyter notebook and continue working / updating it on your local computer (which should have for it an installed Python and Jupyter environment, or, better, altogether in Anaconda), you can always, at any stage of your project, choose Download button in your mission screen (the upper-right corner on all my screenshots).

Elena, thank you very much…
I didn’t notice the elephant !:grinning:
Now share notebook

You are welcome, Vadim! Well, this elephant is not that obvious at the beginning, so it’s ok not noticing him :blush: