Some reflections about Dataquest, self learning, career changing and communities


I wish to write a little bit of myself and this community. I do this just for a reflection exercise, feel free to comment on everything you like, including other ideas, feedback, criticism or even grammar mistakes made (English is my second language).

I am currently in step 5 of the data analyst path, 5 months since I start. The road has being very tough, I started with zero knowledge of Python and zero knowledge of IT really. My major was on finance and even more, my career was focused on construction projects and family company administration. Some missions where particularly difficult to understand, sometimes I needed days to make the “click” in my brain (and ending exhausted in the process). But, when I look back a couple of months ago, I can see the path walked as huge. And the gains are awesome. And it is quite enjoyable.

I started my journey of self learning one year ago, not specifically in data science. In fact it really started after a catastrophic financial failure, with my enthusiasm on the ground and with the feeling on not knowing to do with my life, and even fighting with a near depretion. I started taking courses online of various topics that I think could raise my career appealing; project management, real estate development, more finance, construction management and even photography. Self learning process is very tough, but similar to starting going to the gym, it gets easer with time. But when I start reading about data science (I don’t remember the exact moment), as we say in my country, the little bug bit me! I don’t know why, I guess i took it as a really tough challenge and a way to prove myself that I can do it, and that I can really do everything as a matter of fact.

Those were the moments I started to think about “career change” as a reality. Well, I don’t know if I can really do it yet, not in my country at least (Chile), maybe emigration can be a possibility. But it doesn’t matter. The point is that I feel great! I have accomplish a lot and I feel that I can acomplish more. And besides, even if I don’t apply this knowledge in the near future, I have the feeling that in 10 years (maybe sooner) python will be the new excell, or at least a must in business.

After some weeks ago, I havent really readed much on this forum or on other data science communities. But now I started, and the only thing I could do is to congratulate you and the community, you are awesome! Not like other communities, like finance (no one really like to teach much) or even worse, the contruction community (or the lack of it, in the internet at least). I also like Dataquest. I have tried various self learning websites and I think this method is the best (for me at least) and I wish there exist other "dataquest"s for other topics of knowledge.

In the mean time, I will continue learning. My goal is to finish data analyst path in 6 months! (tough) and then I will evaluate to continue in the data science path (I need to focus in making money right now). But I already started my journey of self learning and I don’t think i will ever stop.




This is a nice reflection.

You know the best part of your story besides your Data Science goals, making money.

All the best as you continue to learn!


This was such a heartwarming writeup @sbusch2! :heart:

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about you and your journey of learning Data Science.

The point is that I feel great! I have accomplish a lot and I feel that I can acomplish more.

+1 to that! :smile:


Nice post @sbusch2, we actually share part of the story. I’m an environmental engineer and for the last 3 years i only have work 10 days in my field. And after studying and doing different courses about urban sustainability, circular economy and Life cycle analysis i got tired and dissapointed, then i saw a video on youtube were a guy used a ML model to replicate his voice and that’s when i said “I want to do that!” and now i’m about to get a certification in ML thanks to a bootcamp that i found.

Eventually it’s the best idea, however there are some websites where you can find remote positions with amazing salaries like and get some experience.

Nice, the bootcamp i mentioned before is a free bootcamp, search for TechLabs on google, i think they’ll open a new cohort by the end of october. The only “downside” is the fact that 99% of the participants are German

Good luck on your journey mate!


@sbusch2 hello.
Thank you very much for sharing your point of view.
Surely I don’t know situation with Data Science in Chile but I think that some day or other every country will be involved in. For example I live and work in Azerbaijan and 2 years ago no one was speaking of Data Science and no resumes were on HR sites. But now every day new openings on Data Analyst positions along with fewer positions on Data Science are opened. So I think that you can find at least a Data Analyst position and then be promoted to the Data Science position after gaining needed competition.


Hi sbusch2

If you don’t know where to start, I would say the best place to find remote jobs quickly in data science field is Job posting here, from big companies to individuals, never stops. Those jobs in demand are long term projects that require a lot of experience and skills as well as mid or short term missions for which almost everyone can postulate with few experience and *basic programming skills. I am not saying it will be easy for a newcomer at the beginning to be hired and complete his first mission, but anyone can try!

And for what I have seen, the best Upwork data scientists profiles are showing up great earnings! This is very motivating. And one reason more to build a good portfolio.

(Te lo hubiera dicho mejor en castellano pero bueno, el idioma del forum es el inglés ^^)




Sometimes I feel this is a small country, because I know you personally (I am friends with your brother, R.). I must congratulate you on going from zero to step 5 in short time. If you are enjoying it, I think you made a great decision, because as you probably realized this knowledge is just starting to hit Chile with amazing power, including construction.

What’s great about this is that if you don’t want to continue in construction, you can try to get in almost any industry with what you have been learning here. I’ve seen how Data Science job openings have appeared in the typical chilean job-seeking sites, like @tardmivic says about his country.

Also, there are a lot of startups, some of them include:

  • Odd Industries turns analog companies to AI-driven ones.
  • Bimtrazer, Building Information Modelling and AI for construction.
  • NotCo, which you probably know of, but they moved to San Francisco I think.
  • Zippedi, retail inventory management with AI.
  • Kimche, something about education, I heard about this one recently.

I like the YouTube channels Two Minute Papers, which talks about the latest technologies. Also, Dataquest does a nice job at this with their emails.

I agree that the community is wonderful. It makes sense though, as we are a computer community communicating through the computer. Feel free to ask me anything.

Que te vaya excelente.


Thank you for all your support.
Thank you Diego, is a small world after all (find you on Linkedin).

I tell you that I finally finish the data analyst path! It took me 6 months, starting from cero (I quite rushed and the end do).

Now I am going to back up a little bit and postpone the data science path (every penny counts). I will try to finish my personal project and if it happens to be decent, posted here. I am working on a scraped (by myself) dataset of commercial real estate publications, for buying or rentals prices, and I am going to see if a can deduct the best places for investing. Maybe I can even start a company or something XD.


Hi @sbusch2,

Thanks a lot for your such a motivating post! Well, my situation with self-learning and searching a new way in my life is very similar to yours, and I completely agree with you that the comunity here is really amazing, supportive and helpful. Also about DQ, I tried before some other Data Science learning platforms, but 2 months ago I started the Data Analysis path on DQ, and now I can confirm that this is absolutely the best choice.

I strongly believe in the power of Data Science and Data Analysis in the whole modern world, I am really enthusiastic about learning them and then working in this sphere. And not only because of money, but first of all because it’s something really cool and fascinating :star_struck:

Thank you @alegiraldo666 and @WilfriedF for sharing useful resources for Data Science job searching.

Good luck and happy learning to all of you, guys! :purple_heart: