Spyder 5.3.3 is still installing after 48 hours

Screen Link:

My Code:

conda update anaconda
conda install spyder=5.3.3

What I expected to happen:

What actually happened:
Spyder is still updating after 48 hours. Do I need spyder 5.3.3 if I’ve got a previous version of spyder? Is there a way to cancel this? Can I also get the current version of spyder by uninstalling and re downloading from the web?

This is super annoying. I have some previous jupyter notebooks that I wrote under Ubuntu WSL and would have trouble running them at the moment because both jupyter under Ubuntu and Spyder are broken.

Image of Black Hole in MPI for python

Analysis of the roundoff and truncation error in a code that numerically solved a differential equation of the orbit of a supermassive black hole and a stellar mass black hole orbiting it

Despite the name, this repository contains code for the Newtonian Gravity three body problem. Specifically a binary star system with a planet orbiting it

My website with some plots. Not complete. Not quite up to date but close.

But I also need it for this step in the Data Science track
Data Science installing Jupyter Notebook

I cancelled the upgrade. Going to look for other solutions. Including keeping the current version of spyder.

Download the Windows Spyder installer here
it updates it to 5.3.3. You don’t even have to uninstall the old version of spyder. It takes a couple of minutes.

Now to work on jupyter.

I already had jupyter installed and it runs at least one of my old notebooks! Hurray!