Sql cia_fact_book project review

Hello Friends,

Am so excited on my first SQL project,your review would be highly appreciated.


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I’m currently looking at your project as I’m writing this. The points I’ve noticed include:

  • In the introduction markdown, you have stated three columns. However, later on, you have named all of the columns in a markdown below. I suggest you name all of the columns in the introduction markdown, that way the introduction will also seem more crowded and organized.
  • In the markdown where you tried to include a picture, you forgot the initial square bracket so the picture is not shown. Great idea, though.
  • I suggest renaming the columns using the “AS”. For example:

SELECT MAX(population_growth) AS max_population FROM facts

  • I think the explanation markdowns for each step should be in more detail. For example, instead of this:

Let’s explore density. Density depends on the population and the country’s area. Let’s look at the average values for these two columns.

You can give more details such as:

Let’s explore population density. Population density is calculated as … It gives insight on … etc.

  • In the section “Finding Densely Populated Countries”, I suggest you only include population density and country names to avoid a very crowded table since the only two values we’re interested in this section are those.
  • I suggest renaming the section “Finding country with the Most population and Highest growth rate” into “Finding countries with the highest population and growth rate respectively”. Since you have found 2 different countries with two highest values, the title is sort of misleading.
  • I suggest adding a “Conclusion” section and rewriting the queries according to the sql style guide which was included in one of the DQ courses.

Overall, good job! With some little more explanations in the sections, this project can be much better!


thank you Dilara for your review,I will work on it and revert back
thank you

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