SQL dementia! Need for help!

Hi everyone, I’m finding in a lot of struggle with the sql section of this course.
I really have problems understanding the syntax and logic behind sql also I find the learning curve of this sql part extremely hard.
Do you have any kind of suggestion on how could I improve with SQL?

It’s s much harder than python and so less user friendly…

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Hi @giovanni! The only way I know how to get better at anything is to practice. One resource I really like when I’m struggling with concepts is W3 school - they have an interactive component like Dataquest, but they keep things at the toy example level. It’s a really good place to play around with a single command to see how it works.

The syntax is really different from Python! If you are pretty comfortable with Pandas a lot of the things you try to do with Pandas you might also do with SQL. This blog post shows both side-by-side.

SQL can be frustrating, but when I figure something out it feels like winning a game - I try to think of it as a puzzle.

I hope these additional resources help!


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Thank you!
The reality is that I’m really struggling with the second guided project on SQL.
Can’t understand the logic neither the sintax especially with subqueris

You are farther along than I am! I bet you will figure it out soon - a lot of times when I take a break a new thing to try becomes apparent. Good luck

Hi giovanni!

Hang in there, I also really struggle on the SQL learning part (it was probably the hardest part for me on the whole data scientist path lol), it seemed much harder or should I say different that python.
I have to admit, sometimes I just copied the solution and went on to the next screen as it would get into my head too much, however I did come back after finishing more courses and it was much easier then.
You don’t have to be an SQL master right now, you’ll learn more later!

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I struggled with the SQL stuff, too. I thought I picked up the Python, numpy, pandas pretty well and understood it. Then SQL happened. I would suggest taking your time and doing some internet searches for assistance (or ask here for specifics). I just kept thinking, I’d rather convert those database tables to CSV files, bring them into pandas dataframes and do the analysis from there.

Now, I going through the SQL Fundamentals path to reinforce my SQL “skills”. I’ve seen a lot of job postings for Data Analysts and many are asking for SQL experience.

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