SQL Guided Project - Answering Business Questions Using SQL

Here’s my guided project , I would like to get your constructive feedback.

Answering Business Questions Using SQL.ipynb (24.5 KB)

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@shamsalbab5 welcome :wave: to the community and congrats :handshake: on completing your first project.

I’ve gone through your project and have a couple of points to hopefully improve the same.(please click on the triangle bullet points for more info)

Presentation Style
  • I would recommend that you include an introduction and conclusion sections. The introduction could include such details as where you got the data from, what the data contains etc. The conclusion could include such details as what insights were gained from the data and what actions could be taken.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing to have all the cells ordered numerically. This can be done using the following:
  • After running each query, it is best to include the insights revealed by the output. This adds context to the results delivered by you.
  • Ensure to round your outputs like in the output of cell[8] for Percentage_Tracks_Sold USA
Coding Style
  • I have included a topic on DQ which provides a clear method of stylizing SQL code. A comprehensive SQL style guide. I’d recommend that you check the same to enable clean writing of code
  • I could not find any issues with this regard.
  • I commend your attempt in completing the album vs individual tracks purchase. It is a difficult question to complete but you have got it.
  • Once you have mastered visualization, you should attempt the same in the next iteration of the project.

Good going on the project :trophy: and I hope you revisit :repeat: the same after you’ve learned more.

Thanks for your feedback!!