SQL Resources after Dataquest

I’m currently mid-way on the DE path and I’m looking for resources to continue and expand my knowledge of SQL that is inline with a data engineering role. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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it is necessary to determine the major type of future using database - MS SQL, Postgresql, MySQL, Oracle and etc. because each database has both common SQL scripts and its own dialects - for example some DB support UNION INTERSECT , some doesn’t support UNION INTERSECT, different name of function for working with different types of data - for example date and time, different mean INNER JOIN and etc. Learn all databases without apply this skills in practice - it is pointless.
Some authors SQL database books recommend write query with using SQL 92 standard or modern for maximal portability between different vendor databases.

Thanks for your comment @vadim.maklakov, that makes sense and I certainly don’t intend to attempt learning everything. However, I would like to see additional perspectives than just the examples presented by DQ. I learn best when presented with various perspectives and lots of repetition; probably like most others.

With all the resources out there, I’m looking for what others may find useful for some of the more advanced concepts. I also appreciate the comment about SQL 92 standard, that’s helpful.

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I recommend using Pluralsight.com to expand your Data Engineering skills. They have MANY courses (over 250) on data engineering covering PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, GCP, and many other technologies. For SQL DBMSs, I would stick with PostgreSQL and SQL Server since PostgreSQL is a core platform for cloud-based data science at scale. SQL Server is much more intuitive than MySQL, and is the basis of Microsoft Azure Cloud. Stay away from Oracle unless you intend to spend years learning their proprietary ways of doing everything. MySQL has better ERD modeling tools than SQL Server, a much easier toolset to learn quickly. For a great open source DBA and developer IDE tool that is cross-platform, try dbeaver.com. Pluralsight.com is the way to go for deep diving into data engineering. I have used pluralsight for several years for database engineering and development training before starting here at DQ.


For self learning
www.codewars.com - Postgresq examples in command propmt
https://www.postgresqltutorial.com/ - good resource for beginning Postgresql
Books with practical examples - you can find databases on site of vendors or their tutorials or git of books

  1. Learning SQL 3E by Alan Beaulieu ISBN 978-1-492-05754-3 - MySQL and general principles
  2. PRACTICAL SQL A Beginner’s Guide to Storytelling with Data by Anthony DeBarros - ISBN-13: 978-1-59327-827-4 - Postgresql
  3. The Applied SQL Data Analytics Workshop 2E ISBN 978-1-80020-367-9 - Postgresql
  4. Pro Oracle SQL Development: Best Practices for Writing Advanced Queries Jon Heller ISBN-13 (pbk): 978-1-4842-4516-3 - Oracle (i don’t check database Example because I can’t install Oracle database on Debian - only RedHat, Oracle, Suse Lunux or Windows OS compabatible and install procedure for Lunux very complicated)…
    P.S. To be honest, I thought that there I seen on DQ or Postgresql or MySQL and was surprised seen SQLlite)
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If future working in cloud - only Postgresql

Thank you @richdev.boston, that sounds like a great resource, I’ll be checking it out!

Thank you again @vadim.maklakov, I’ve been eyeing a few of those books and the comment about postgresql seems right on from my research.