SQLite sample databses

I am a beginner in SQLite and I am hoping to start to work on projects/queries with sample databases. I am unsure of how to start this process. I have done a fair amount of research but when I look up things like “open source projects” allI seem to come across are things like DBeaver, DBAtools, Bolt, etc. These don’t seem like projects, to me; they seem like they’re tools to use in projects, right?

Really what I’m looking for are databases that I could access in order to practice querying and eventually create data visualizations (possibly even some no-code apps through things like retool, GraphQL, etc.). Does anyone know of any other than chinook that can be downloaded or accessed?

My other option is to download CSV files and create db files on my own on jupyter, and then process with SQLite, but that seems tedious, at best.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Hello @Willyjgolden,

There’s one right on DQ website that I can immediately think of, Beginner SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL Basics While Analyzing Bike-Sharing with a downloadable .db