Star Wars Guided Project Feedback Appreciated

I would really appreciate feedback.
Thank you.

Last Screen

StarWars.ipynb (147.2 KB)


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Hello @RayOjel! Thanks for sharing.

You project is nice. I liked that you clearly defined the aim of the project and wrote the conclusions early in the project. I also liked your comments in code blocks, it’s a good practice to get used to write them.

Here are some observations:

  • You can organize your project in more sections to logically split different parts. Is it ok to do, or you think there is no in adding more section?
  • Add axes labels to your plots so that we have no doubts about what they mean.
  • Write a conclusion by wrapping up your results!
  • Could you improve your visualizations? You can refer to the Improving Plot Aesthetics mission.

Happy coding!

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