Star Wars project submission for review

This is my first submission for review after completing the data scientist path. Please feel free to comment anything that could be improved.

Thank You!

Star Wars.ipynb (158.5 KB)

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Hi Ramón,

Thanks for sharing your first project with the Community and congratulations on completing the Data Scientist path! :partying_face: You’ve done a nice job, your project is easy-to follow, well-structured, and with cool storytelling and conclusion. My favorite part is where you investigate the attitude to Star Wars by age. Also, good idea to use a dot plot for rankings by age.

Here are some suggestions for your consideration:

  • It’s better to combine the code cells without output or markdown explanations right after them, for example [1] and [2], [12] and [13], [15] and [16].
  • You might consider creating a function for each type of plots, to avoid code repetition.
  • You can save the csv file in the same folder as your project notebook, so you won’t need to write a long path to the file.
  • It’s better to avoid empty lines after code comments and the code itself.
  • Visualizations: I’d suggest to increase the figures themselves, the font of the titles, to remove unnecessary spines on the plots (mostly the top and the right ones), to add y-label and values on the y-axis. The code cell [21]: here you might consider horizontal plots, given long names of the x-tick names.
  • There are some warnings around the project, it’s better to try to fix them.
  • A good practice is to put the column names in backticks when mentioning them in markdown.

Hope my ideas were useful. Good luck with your future projects!

Hi Elena!

Thank you for taking the time to review my project, i’ll surely apply all of your suggestions.

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