Star Wars Survey. As always, your feedback is more than welcomed

I´m happy to share here my another guided project for peer´s review.
It was fun to work on this project, especially to compare my husband´s answers (who is a great fan of the saga) to the results of my analysis. A full coincidence, by the way :slight_smile:
My accomplishments on this project:

  1. Right before starting to work on the project I read about missingno library used to visualize missing data. So, I´ve tried it and I liked it.
  2. I´ve used a brand new for me, Plotly data visualization library. Many hours were spent on reading the documentation, but totally worth it, I think. I haven´t taken all the advantages of its interactivity yet. Mostly used ‘hover’ thing. (So, when reading the project, hover my charts for additional information :wink: Ah, and if you are unfamiliar with the Sunburst chart, it´s clickable)
  3. A new data transformation/aggregation technique (pd.crosstab()) learnt and applied

I would prefer my analysis to be deeper, but the hours spent to get familiar with Plotly have prevented me from analysing more in depth.

So, summing up, what do you think on the project? Any advise on improvement? Any inconsistencies? Any logical errors in the conclusions?

Thanks a lot in advance!


My project:

Star Wars Survey-Copy2.ipynb (1009.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @ksenia.kustanovich,

This is just brilliant! You’ve set the bar so high for anyone who is going to attempt this project in the future (which includes me too :wink: )

I am currently working on this project and taking up a lot of time learning more about plotting. After seeing your project, I realised that I am just scratching the surface of data visualisation. I’m not even getting into plotly or getting the hover effect, but still I’m struggling to execute my ideas!

Your project is indeed a great inspiration. I have thoroughly enjoyed how you’ve cleaned the data and took care of the missing values.You made it all look so effortless! I think the best part I enjoyed would be the sun burst plot. I was trying too hard to create a similar concept but with just gender categories and it has been a struggle. I still haven’t completely figured out yet. But you have simply plotted a wonderful chart with this creative sun burst plot! I’ll probably bookmark your project for now and will come back later when I want to redo the project.

Thanks a lot for inspiring with this awesome project.


Hi @jithins123,
I´m literally blushing from you compliments :blush:

I was also inspired by other great submissions when started to work on this project. And I have to give credits to my inspirators as well:

  • @Raj ´s project convinced me to give it a try with Plotly visualisations and for some valuable observations on dealing with missing data.
  • @b.hungng21 `s project for the idea to visualise the rankings by region using the heatmap. I had been going over and over again looking for the most effective solution till I found it in this project.
  • @raghavaseem ´s project for the idea to investigate further the character´s popularity depending on who the respondents are. Thanks to it I understood why I´d choose the Emperor Palpatine to be the worst character rather than Jar Jar Binks: I´m a woman and female respondents of my age chose the same that I´d do :wink:

Good luck with your project! Looking forwatd to checking it when it´s done :slight_smile:

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Well done! I love the sunburst chart. I’ve been meaning to try out plotly. Might have to redo the Star Wars survey myself.

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