Star Wars Survey - Cleaning and Exploring

Constructive feedback from you all will be appreciated. Thank You.

Star Wars Survey - Cleaning and Exploring

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Hello @gargarkwamegideon12 , congratulations on completing this guided project. I have taken some time to review your work and think you have done well. However, your work could stand out even more with a few adjustments :+1:.

What I loved :star_struck::

  • Your code is intuitive. It is easy to follow your cleaning and visualization steps.
  • Well done with using brief and concise comments where necessary.

Areas of improvement
Please permit me to take the perspective of a janitor here. My suggestions are only to help you tidy and polish your work better. I will point to a few areas where I spot the need for maintenance :wink:

  • For some reason, your code starts from cell 2. One way to resolve this is by restarting and running the kernel.
  • One of the outputs in cell 2 did not display in the notebook. You could consider placing the line on a separate cell to make the output visible.

  • It is currently difficult to understand what each bar chart represents. The absence of axis labels and chart titles makes it challenging.

I know you have provided some explanations in the markdown cells. However, I find it difficult to follow without those axis labels. Trust me, adding them makes a whole world of difference :slightly_smiling_face:.

Again, well done. Data Analysis is an iterative process. I believe your project will significantly improve if you can implement some of these suggestions.

Keep learning :muscle:.


Hi @gargarkwamegideon12 ,

Great job cleaning and exploring the dataset. The multiple section headings made the project easier to follow. Great use of descriptive variable names and functions.

You may want to add axis and chart titles to the bar graphs to make it easier to follow your analysis. You may also want to add more comments to explain the rankings.

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I appreciate your feedback. It’s worth learning.

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I appreciate your feedback. Worth note taking.