Star Wars Survey - combined plots

I have created a combined plots for ‘seen’ and ‘ranking’. Please feel free to give me some comments. Thanks.

Star+Wars+Survey.ipynb (166.5 KB)

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Hello @JamesDiu! Thanks for sharing:)
Well done on combining two plots on the same figure, it’s nice that you decided to experiment a bit.

As for the project, here is some feedback:

  • Your project has no title, you can make one that wraps up the objective of your project (and also the results if you can get them).
  • It’s better to avoid technical explanations in the Markdown text, you can leave it in the comments, while in the narratives you can concentrate on your motivation to do certain things.
  • You project has some typos, so make sure you get rid of them
  • It’s better to truncate the tables you have restricting them just to the first five rows: it’ll give an idea of its structures without occupying too much space.
  • It’s better to import all necessary libraries in the first code cell.
  • Why don’t you give more descriptive titles to your plots? For example Bar chart of the mean ranking: we already can see that this is a bar chart, no need to repeat it in the title.
  • You lack a conclusion where you wrap up all your results and answer the questions you asked in the beginning of the project.
  • Well done on commenting on your code. It was very helpful for me to understand what each code block was doing. It’s a useful skill to have.

Hope it helps:)

Happy coding :smile:


Thanks a lot for your advice and I have updated the project. If you are interested, you can find it here: Thanks again.

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Hello @JamesDiu! It’s better but:

  • Still, your title is not the best one, in my opinion. “Who loves them” and “favourite” imply the same thing. It’s also not grammatically correct
  • The plots have no descriptive title (the ones in FacetGrid)
  • One of your plots has spines and another one not, be consistent along the whole project
  • Make sure to read the warnings and correct what they are telling you
  • Remove the last cell

Happy coding :smile:

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