Star Wars Survey Data Analysis - My first project on github

Hi everyone,

I would really like your feedback on my take on the Star Wars Survey Project. It would be really nice to get feedback on how to improve the project in terms of code readability, code efficiency and plot aesthetics.

I tried to expand the mission a little bit, as suggested on the “next steps”, by exploring the preferences by age trenches as well as plotting the split between likes and dislikes in order to find-out the most controversial characters.

Also, do you think that this project is “complex enough” to be worth adding to a portfolio? Or are these analysis too simple to be shown to a potential employer?

Here is the link to the project on github:

Many thanks,



Hello @pedrolima27! Thanks for sharing.

Your project is good but here are some flaws:

  • You have no conclusion
  • Some of your plots have no title and axes labels.
  • You can group the dislike-like plots in one plot to make it more readable.
  • Your plots on rankings by gender can have just one common axis label.
  • You can attract attention by coloring different bars in contrast colors (like light-grey for the least important and skyblue in those more important.

Your code is good because it does its job. It’s not overcomplicated and should be efficient. The analysis is good and can be shown to a potential employer. You can create another project based on a more business model (like which market to choose while expanding).

Happy coding!

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