Star Wars Survey: Feedback request

Hi everyone,

I’d love to hear your feedback on my revision of the Star Wars Survey guided project.

Full disclosure, I’m not really a Star Wars fan and all my knowledge of the series stems from pop culture references I’ve picked up over the years.

Star Wars Survey.ipynb (364.0 KB)

Thanks in advance,

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Hello @ivelinagenova! Thanks for sharing. You did a great job.

Here is some feedback:

  • If I’m not mistaken you copied the introduction from the DataQuest instructions. if it is the case, be aware that it is not fair, try to avoid copying the narratives from others!
  • In the code cells 142 and 147 you import Numpy and Matplotlib, respectively, it’s a good practice to import all the necessary libraries at the beginning of the project
  • Try to shorten the ode comments: you can just write “Rename …” without using “Let’s”
  • Are you sure " that Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back received the highest average scores from the respondents of the survey, whereas Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith received the lowest average scores."? It does not seem to be a case from the plot.
  • Try to give more meaningful paragraphs’ names. Like what does “By gender” imply? I understand what it means because I read the entire project but for a person that is just scrolling the project for specific information it’s hard to understand the meaning.
  • The plot “Movie rankings by education level” is very colourful, it’s dificult to extract the most important information from it. You can change the situation by coloring only the bars that are most important. I advise you to read the book “Storytelling with Data”. You can visit the site.
  • The previous point applies also to the next plot.
  • In the plot “Who shot first” what does “%” mean? It’s important to be very clear with what each axis means. Is it the percentage of respondents?
  • It’s a good idea to add labels to each axis to avoid any misinterpretation.
  • What’s written above applies also to the plot “Overall favorite characters”: colorful and without an x axis label.
  • Could you write a more complete conclusion? Try to wrap up all the information you gained while analyzing the dataset. It’s also useful to include a small summary of the results at the beginning of the project.

Overall you did a great job, I liked reading your project.

Happy coding!

Hi @artur.sannikov96,

Thanks for your detailed feedback! Much appreciated!
I agree with all your points except the fourth one. Remember, respondents were asked to rank their favorite episode with 1 and least favorite with 5. So, the lower the rating, the more favored the episode. It’s explained beneath the graph.

Also, thank you for sharing the “Storytelling with Data” book. I’ve been looking for a book to help me in my learning. I will definitely check it out.

Happy coding to you too!

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Sorry about that! I just somehow missed the point:)

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