Star Wars Survey (m201)

Hi all!
Upload my notebook for thisStar_Wars_Survey_m201.ipynb (236.3 KB) project.
Thanks in advance everybody for your feedback.
Best Regards,
Vadim Maklakov.

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Hi @vadim.maklakov
Thanks for sharing your project on Investigating the star war survey. I love the entire presentation , the introduction has been well represented, the use of comments, the visualization is so good indeed. The conclusion as well is so informing, thumbs up for the entire work buddy. Have got two suggestions,

  • Systematic numbering of the steps, sometimes can leads to mix up . I think the more better way is to group up the stages, like data cleaning process, analyzing the data, as sub topic then you list up all the steps bounded to their corresponding stages. For example you list every steps as you work on them under the data cleaning process and you do the same for Analyzing the data and so on.
  • take care on the typos, more so when introducing a subtopic , for example your second subtopic I think you meant Explore not Explre, And again the subtopic numbered 6, has # included. Hope you will fixed on those.

Otherwise congratulations! for the good work .

Happy learning.

Hi, brayanopiyo18!
Thank you for yours feedback and comments.
Relative yours notices - fix its in the future projects.
English is my main problem - I afraid that my English lower than 100 SAT score ))

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Very glad that you found my comments helpful, just wishing you all the best in your upcoming projects.

Ours adages:

  1. You a learning only on yours mistakes ))
  2. The skills of one beaten human are equal the skills for the two unbeaten human))