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Dear New User,

Welcome to our friendly and supportive Community! :rocket: :dizzy:

This is a brief but exhaustive guide on how things work here, and how you can navigate & leverage the Community.

Don’t be scared of the number of links below :wink: This post is meant to help you get acquainted with the overall structure of the Community, how to use its different categories and subcategories, where to find various helpful guides for your further reference, and even how to get extra free time (and other perks) on the Dataquest learning platform.

To start:

Attention: the Discourse New User Guide and Understanding Discourse Trust Levels can contain descriptions of some outdated features that now look slightly different. Discourse is responsible for updating their guides.

Community Categories:

Announcements | Guidelines | Guides

Follow the Announcements of the latest news on what’s happening in the Community, check our Community Guidelines, and read our Guides to learn how to do efficiently various things in the Community. Also, check our weekly-updated banner that you’ll find in the upper part of any page of the Community.


Ask your technical, data-related questions in either the DQ Courses or Non-DQ Courses subcategories. You can also try to help other learners solve their technical questions; it’s never too late or too early to start!

Helpful tips:

Attention: if your question is not technical (e.g., billing issue, reporting a bug, feedback about Dataquest), please follow the corresponding steps described in this post: How to quickly resolve questions/issues of various types: technical questions, platform bugs, certificate issues, etc. Keep in mind that the Dataquest Support Team replies to each message within two business days during working hours, depending on their time zone.


Here you can:

  • share your guided or personal projects or review other learners’ projects and give them valuable feedback (Projects)
  • explore the available Dataquest solution notebooks for guided projects (Solution Notebooks)
  • network, socialize, collaborate , and meet like-minded people (Better Together)
  • share data science resources that you found useful, or take a look at the resources shared by your peers (Resources)
  • read helpful articles from other Community members or share your own ones (Articles)

Helpful tips:

How to get free, extra time on Dataquest

Explore our exciting initiatives that can bring you extra free time on Dataquest and help you expand your professional network in the data science world.

How to relocate your topic to another category

If you created your topic in the wrong category or subcategory, you can easily relocate it to the right one.

We hope that you found these guidelines helpful. Once again, if you didn’t ingest all this information in one read – no worries! Bookmark this post and return to it whenever you need a refresher. Ah, and if you don’t know how to bookmark a post, you can find the answer in the above-mentioned Discourse New User Guide :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy learning! :books: