Start with SQL without pandas and command line

Do I have to complete the Intermediate Python and Pandas and command line to start with SQL?

SQL and pandas got no dependencies on each other, so you can start from either front.
pandas allows you to do the same thing with less lines, so is more convenient, but you get better analytical training doing it in SQL, because things have to be thought through in a more detailed step by step manner.

pandas is imperative coding while SQL is declarative coding, so different ways of specifying the same goal. SQL is designed for set-based operations like JOIN although they can be coded in an imperative way using control statements and loops but give slower performance.

No matter whether you start with SQL or pandas, good to think about how you can implement the same using the other tool to find gaps for yourself and consolidate your knowledge.

SQL would be necessary in most companies because they could be dealing with huge data sizes that do not fit in memory (what pandas usually works with), but are stored in databases instead.

Command line is not necessary to learn SQL, although most SQL have a command line interface for people who don’t want to use GUI. Command line is a general way of interacting with any application, not just sql servers. Learning it will help you learn to write commands, which are more documentable and repeatable than moving your mouse and clicking around a GUI, and these commands can be saved into a .sh script and run all together at once, doing more complex things than moving around directories and organizing folders, such as creating a DockerFile for defining containers.
Command line is also necessary to interact with a computer in the cloud, when you start from a
blank virtual machine with no program in it at all and have to install python before you can even run python. Although cloud providers give you GUI to make it easier, many things that can be done through command cannot be done through GUI. There would be way too much buttons and space screenshot documentation to create.


Great. thank you!
That was really helpful.