Stock prices project

Hi team,
I have started the stock prices guided project in the data structures and algorithms courses. I am facing difficulty in getting to the solutions. I have been doing a lot of to and fro for the same. I also would like to look at the solutions notebook from dataquest for this project, but I don’t find it anywhere. Could you provide that to me?

Could anyone review the below code?
To read the stock prices data in the data structure hash table, list, list

import csv
from itertools import islice
def readdata(each):
with open (each,“r”) as f:
reader = csv.reader(f)
i = next(reader)
each = each.replace(“prices/”,"")
data = [[row for row in reader],i]
return data
pool = concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=2)
data =,files)

Now the issue here is data is generator object. So how do I get the hash table structure for each file name ? What I am thinking of is.

Stockdata = {}
For file in files:
For each in data:
Stockdata[file] = each